The REALL Method - Awake your hidden energy

Time and stressful situations can create blocks of energy, causing body alterations. By stimulating key points where vital energy flows, it is possible to redistribute the natural charges and restore your inner balance.


An effective programme to improve your psychophysical wellbeing and reduce stress.

  • Awakening massage – 50 minutes €75
    Helps with deep relaxation, as well as physical and emotional balance. The movements awake each individual’s harmony and psychophysical energy.
  • De-stress Massage – 50 minutes €75
    Relaxes your muscles while fighting the effects of stress. It helps the recovery of your holistic balance, and relieves tensions from body and mind thanks to the slow and soft motions. Ideal for relieving nerve tension, it stimulates endorphin production while inducing complete muscle relaxation.


  • White Mud Massage – 50 minutes €80
    A restorative treatment for the face and body which provides a smooth and toned skin, thanks to the properties of sweet almond oil in white mud. The whole body is surrounded by a pleasant sensation of restored wellness.
  • Mud Treatment & Massage – 50 minutes €100
    A full body massage, performed with a special mud composed of clay with mineralising properties. A valuable and unique treatment that restores your skin’s brightness.


Essential programmes to obtain proper balance and detoxification within the body.

  • Detox Massage – 50 minutes €75
    Helps lymphatic circulation, improving its flowing speed and thus allowing fast toxin removal. Also promotes the body’s own immune defences.
  • Lightness – 50 minutes €65
    Slow movements, soft pressures and draining substances restore blood and lymphatic circulation balance, eliminating swells and recovering tissue elasticity.
  • Toning Massage for legs and buttocks – 25 minutes €47
    A treatment that acts deeply within the tissues, oxygenating and stimulating circulation, and toning critical areas.
  • Purity Massage – 50 minutes €70
    Draining and relaxing gestures give you a sense of complete purification, stimulating your body's vital resources and cellular renovation.
  • Lymphatic Leg Massage – 25 minutes €47
    Reactivates lymphatic circulation, eliminating the sense of heaviness. Relaxes and stretches all your muscles, helping body processes.


A programme dedicated to face and body purification.

  • Aromatic Body Scrub Massage – 25 minutes €50
    The purification of the body is essential to obtain a smooth, bright and fully oxygenated skin – the scrub massage acts as a preparation for all treatments.
  • Cellulitis-specific Mud Treatment – 50 minutes €80
    An effective treatment that fights the unsightly effects of cellulitis through caffeine and marina oak extracts for smoother skin. To be matched with a toning or draining massage.
  • Posarium Rite – 50 minutes €100
    A purification rite for the face and body, taking advantage of the remarkable benefits of white mud and leaving your skin with a pleasantly detoxified and soothed sensation.


A customised programme to suit the sport activities of your choice.

  • Pre-active Massage – 25 minutes €50
    The ideal treatment before any exercise, it conditions your muscles by means of relaxing gestures and stretches, helping to improve your sports performance.
  • Massage Active – 25 minutes €50
    Specially designed as a post-exercise treatment, this sports massage is intended for recovery after athletic effort. It aims to accelerate fatigue removal, while avoiding the muscle soreness associated with exercise.