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PMP® Classic: PMP-Phytomassopodia® (50 minutes)
This is the first patented method that acts against stress, relieves fatigue, detoxifies and regenerates. Starting from the feet, it generates a wave of well-being that spreads throughout the body.
A unique, original, and effective treatment that encompasses five scientific disciplines: motor sciences, physical therapy, podiatry, hydrotherapy, and phytology.

PMP® Welcome (15 minutes)
Treatment designed to achieve a beneficial stress reduction and revitalizing effect in just 15 minutes.

A.ROMAssage (50 or 80 minutes)
This massage was designed especially for guests of A.ROMA Wellness & SPA.
It combines the soothing effects of aromatherapy with the invigorating action of fluid manual techniques to relieve accumulated tension and reduce stress.

PERSONALIZED (50 or 80 minutes)
Massage techniques decided together with your operator to intervene in the area and with the energy most suited to your needs.

LYMPH DRAINAGE (50 or 80 minutes)
A light pressure massage that promotes the elimination of toxins, restores proper electrolyte balance, and effectively combats water retention.

Deep pressure massage techniques that are ideal for restoring muscular elasticity and facilitating recovery. Used to relax the muscles and improve joint mobility even after a period of intense work or athletic activity.

SWEDISH (50 minutes)
Considered the basic technique of all massage, it is used to drain the tissues, promote blood circulation, and firm and tone the muscles, producing a prolonged sensation of relaxation and mental and physical well-being.

AYURVEDICO ADHYANGAM TRIDOSHA with head, face, and neck (50 or 80 minutes)
Method that includes multiple massage techniques, applications, and manipulations that are suitable for everyone: young people, adults, children, and the elderly. The treatment gently dissolves tensions and stiffness, using medicated oils to restore balance.
Its benefits include: proper functioning of the organs and digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems, promotion of tranquility and mental clarity, resistance to stress, and reduced fatigue.

SHIATSU MASSAGE (50 or 80 minutes)
Full body treatment with pressure over the entire body following the energy lines, known as meridians, typical of traditional Chinese medicine. Its primary goal is to re-establish the body’s homeostasis and mental and physical well-being by promoting the human body’s natural tendency to heal itself. Ideal for treating muscular, organ, and emotional imbalances.

CERVICAL SHIATSU face and neck (25 minutes)
Treatment that relieves tension in the posterior kinetic chain and helps the natural movement of the internal organs, promoting the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The immediate effect is a general state of mental and physical relaxation.

STONE THERAPY (75 minutes)
Massage technique using volcanic stones that slowly release the heat they accumulated while immersed in hot water. Through the massage oil, the stones release energy that relieves tension, stress, contractions, and perceptual disturbances.

BALINESE (50 or 80 minutes)
Deep pressure massage techniques inspired by Thai massage combined with stretching movements that, combined with proper breathing, promote the circulation of blood, lymphatic and energy.

It is an extremely relaxing massage, almost affective, with fluid and slow movements that embrace the entire body surface. It promotes the symbiosis between body and breath, free from stress and gives a feeling of deep well-being.

CANDLE MASSAGE (50 minuti)
It is a relaxing massage for body and psyche, which leaves the skin surprisingly soft. A real ritual of well-being, a precious moment where all the senses are involved.

Full body treatment based on an ancient Asian tradition, performed harmoniously by two operators. The rhythmic, synchronized movements are a perfect way to achieve inner balance and mental and physical relaxation. Induces deep relaxation and distends the muscles.

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE (50 or 80 minutes)
An ancient Hawaiian concept that works with the individual’s Mana (the body’s vital force), mind, and soul. Technique based on rhythmic, harmonious movements of the masseuse’s forearms and hands. Some people describe this massage as a sensation of gentle waves moving along the entire body, producing a profound sense of balance and harmony.

PARTIAL MASSAGE (25 minutes)
Available for legs, feet, head and shoulders, and face or back. The ideal treatment for relieving a specific area of the body.

An exclusive experience to enjoy as a couple in a private suite at the SPA. Escape the frenetic pace of the city to enjoy an interlude of silence, relaxation, and pampering. A relaxing, balancing massage using delicate movements that alleviate tension and reduce stress. By reservation, to be combined with couples whirlpool bath.

Turkish bath ritual and massage.

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