A.Roma SPA Massages and Treatments

  • A.ROMAssage - 50 minutes
    The signature A.Roma massage has been especially developed for our guests, acting by means of smooth, firm gestures to eliminate stress, relax the body and mind and soothe accumulated tensions.
    Together with this massage, aromatherapy using a blend of essential oils helps to invoke calm feelings by stimulating smell and brain functions.
  • Custom - 50 minutes
    Your therapist will help you choose a massage to work on specific areas according to your needs.
  • Lymphatic Drainage - 50 minutes
    Helps detox the body by reducing water retention and build-ups of fat. This technique is recommended to fight the unsightly effects of cellulitis. Low-pressure massage.
  • Sport/Deep tissue/Swedish - 50 minutes
    A deep-tissue massage that recovers muscle elasticity while enabling recovery. It is ideal both before and after sports, stretching the muscles that work hardest during intense training.
  • Massage with Osmotic Black Mud - 50 minutes
    This special mud improves your body contour by removing excess toxins and fluids from the body.
  • Partial massage - 25 minutes
    Available for legs, feet, head, shoulders, face and back. The partial massage is ideal when treating and soothing a specific area of your body.
  • Ayurvedic head, face and neck massages - 80 minutes
    A method that includes several massage techniques, applications and manipulations. It is suitable for everybody – adults, children and seniors alike. It gently melts tension and stiffness, and is applied by means of medical oils to recover lost balance.
    The benefits are wonderful: ageing slowdown, muscle toning, detox and tissue rejuvenation. It also improves organ, digestive, respiratory and circulatory functions. Calm, mental clarity, resistance to stress and fatigue removal are the ultimate aims of this luxurious treatment.
  • Amazonian - 80 minutes
    A delicate massage based on motion. The movements employed in the Amazonian massage use a variation of swings, vibrations, rocking and oscillations, perceived by your body and mind as if you were suspended on a hammock.
  • Shiatsu Massage on Futon - 50 minutes ~ 80 minutes
    A global treatment performed on a futon, originating from Asia. Pressure is placed along the entire body in energy paths typical of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as meridians. Its primary purpose is restoring your body’s homeostasis and psychophysical wellbeing through the enhancement of natural self-healing abilities.
    It is ideal for altering muscular, organic and emotional statuses. The 50-minute Shiatsu package includes a complete body treatment. In the 80-minute treatment, the shiatsu is accompanied by muscle stretching in all the problem areas.
  • Balinese - 50 minutes
    Influenced by Eastern tradition, the treatment includes movements that are inspired by Thai massage with a deep tissue massage that stretches and relaxes. Combined with customer’s controlled exhalation, the massage helps blood and lymphatic circulation while releasing tension.
  • Plantar Reflexology - 25 minutes
    This treatment focuses on the back and plantar area of the feet where, by means of pressure, specific points connected to each body zone and system are stimulated. Feet are the roots of our body and by treating them, it is possible to reach the tip of every single branch. The purpose of this treatment is to help the body perform its natural, innate self-healing process, creating an overall inner balance through homeostasis.
  • Feet Ritual -
    Have you been walking around the beautiful Eternal City for the whole day? Let our expert hands soothe your tired feet in our A.Roma SPA. Immersed in a warm foot bath with volcanic stones, essential oils and flower petals, your feet will feel refreshed. Exfoliation with sea salts, essential oils and muds follows, during which we apply relaxing reflexology techniques.
  • Stone Therapy Experience - 75 minutes
    A massage rite using volcanic stones that slowly release stored heat while being drenched in hot water. Thanks to the massage oils, these stones transfer energy that rebalances tensions, stresses, contractures and perceptual alterations.
  • Shiatsu face and neck massage - 25 minutes
    This Eastern treatment uses acupressure along specific energy paths known as meridians, which link to every organ in the body. Shiatsu massage works to release tensions that burden the posterior kinetic chain, and to promote the natural self-healing ability of the body. The immediate result is an overall feeling of physical and mental relaxation.
  • Four-hands massage - 50 minutes
    Global massage performed on the whole body by two masseuses simultaneously, according to an ancient Asian tradition. This efficient massage is known to bring mental and physical relaxation through synchronized rhythmical movements. All muscle tightness in the body will be gently released, stimulating blood circulation and the natural flow of vital energy. This treatment induces a deep relaxation in the muscles.
  • Hydro-massage for singles or couples - 25 minutes
    The Jacuzzi is enriched with salts providing several actions, allowing guests to customise the experience with a wide range of minerals.
    Zinc salts: With antioxidant and decongestant capabilities, zinc provides a natural reactivation of the vitality of the body, restoring the correct hydration of the skin.
    Calcium salts: Calcium contained in the electrolytic solution provides a soothing and calming effect, attenuating defects and slowing down tissue ageing.
    Iodine-selenium salts: Iodine is fundamental to body balance, while selenium has antioxidant properties that help to protect skin cells from the effects of stress.
    Lithium salts: Helping to maintain an overall state of wellbeing, lithium has anti-stress, revitalising and rejuvenating actions.
    Salts of B and C vitamins: Essential to the correct functioning of immune defences, B and C vitamins eliminate toxins and aid skin regeneration.
    Alkaline salts: Helpful in counteracting skin hyperacidity and restoring optimal skin pH values. Alkaline salts help to restore the skin’s acid-alkaline balance.
    Magnesium and sulphate salts: Magnesium improves calcium absorption, reducing muscle pain. It is considered the mineral of choice for athletes. It also helps to improve sleep quality.
  • Couples' Massage in SPA Suite - 50 minutes
    A sweet experience for two to share in our SPA Suite
    Relax in a secluded area reserved only for you and your special someone. An exclusive relaxing and rebalancing massage, performed with gestures that will pamper and release all tensions and stresses.
    Upon request, a Gourmet Spa experience is also available – especially designed for you by our Executive Chef.

Experience our Facial Treatments

  • Sensitive Face – 50 minutes
    A soothing and calming treatment that gives immediate softening and freshness, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and hydrating actions of almond seed oil and blueberry seed oil – two valuable allies for facial wellness.
  • Face Detox – 50 minutes
    Designed for skin with impurities, this treatment gives a glow to your face, making it softer, smoother and more uniform. Special yeasts provide a detoxing and purifying action. An effective treatment to regulate impurities.
  • Face Lifting – 50 minutes
    This treatment hydrates and tones with blueberry seed oil, hibiscus extract and an amino acid mix, blended to provide harmony and brightness to the skin. Eye contours become fresh and toned, and the correct water balance to your skin is restored. A natural, efficient protective barrier against the signs of ageing. An absolute comfort sensation.

A.Roma SPA Beauty

At A.Roma Spa Beauty, our expert beauticians will take care of your body with natural products from leading cosmetic brands.

  • Upper lip waxing
    Underarm waxing
    Bikini waxing
    Arm waxing
  • Half-leg waxing
    Full leg and bikini waxing
    Chest and back waxing
    Complete waxing
    French Manicure
    French Pedicure
    Aesthetic pedicure
    Luxury hand treatment (75 minutes)