MEI LIFTING (60 minutes)
The ritual rejuvenates the skin, making it firm and radiant, with an indescribable sensation of general well-being. Skilled, scientific manual techniques, which include use of the Podostrigiles®, and the special line based on colloidal silver, water infused with wild plants, and essential oils, produce immediately visible results.

ANTI AGE (50 minutes)
The treatment is especially designed to restore tone, radiance, and firmness to the face and hands, even after the very first session, using the power of precious Tamanu oil from Polynesia.

OXYGENATING (50 minutes)
The treatment creates a wave of well-being that stimulates the skin and allows it to “breathe,” giving it radiance and tone through the combined action of Silicon and Argan Oil, a precious desert oil with nourishing and detoxifying properties.

ROSE MEI (50 minutes)
A treatment based on Italian green clay, sea salt, and concentrated extract of Persian Rose, for deep removal of dead cells and to combat the effects of free radicals.

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