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Personalized treatment for visibly more youthful, firmer skin.
Suitable for any type of skin, it immediately beautifies and rejuvenates the face.
Beauty results: skin visibly more youthful, smooth, and radiant.

Deep-acting treatment lifts facial features by stimulating the face muscles and promoting anti-aging drainage: a true alternative to aesthetic medicine.
Beauty results: Firmer skin, facial features lifted, oval facial contours restored.

AGE SUMMUM (50 minutes)
Anti-aging treatment, enriched with 56 biological active ingredients and pure, highly concentrated vitamin C. This anti-aging massage uses 15 exclusive movements accompanied by application of Serum Age Summum enriched with Hyaluronic Acid.
The treatment is completed with a brightening Pro-Collagen anti-aging mask.
Beauty results: Wrinkles immediately smoothed and visibly firmer skin.

EYE LOGIC (25 minutes)
The treatment, used to drain and lighten the eyelids, regularizes surface blood circulation and visibly decongests the area around the eyes.
Beauty results: Smoothes wrinkles, producing a more youthful, relaxed, and radiant appearance.

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