Massage Lessons at A.Roma SPA

Learn basic techniques you can practice at home

Developed especially for our guests, this hour long massage class teaches you some of the basic techniques we use in our massage treatments at the A.Roma SPA. Learn to relax body and mind through the careful application of pressure, and through the use of essential oils which stimulate the mind and create a calm, relaxing feeling. A trained massage therapist will show you how to achieve the best results from several massage types, which can be performed on yourself or on another person.

Experience includes:
• Massage technique lesson
• Skilled massage therapist
• Essential oils supplied

Experience Terms and Conditions

  • Prices stated are given as a guide and may change, depending on seasonal factors and subject to availability.
  • Experiences must be scheduled during daylight hours only. Prices can be confirmed when booking your Experience.
  • Customized tours will be subject to additional charges.
  • The hotel and its partners reserve the right to modify prices and tour details without notice.
  • Seven days’ notice is required when booking your Experience. Payment will be required in advance.