A.Roma Yoga Class

A relaxing and invigorating exercise class

Yoga is the perfect way to find inner peace and harmony, and to bring body and soul together as one. This great yoga class is taught by an experienced Italian master who can show you the best breathing techniques, stretches and poses. The class is suitable for beginners to yoga, and for advanced practitioners who want to learn new skills. The classes will begin later in 2017, with further details to be announced this summer.

Experience includes:
• 50 minute yoga lesson
• Group or private classes
• Experienced yoga teacher

Experience Terms and Conditions

  • Prices stated are given as a guide and may change, depending on seasonal factors and subject to availability.
  • Experiences must be scheduled during daylight hours only. Prices can be confirmed when booking your Experience.
  • Customized tours will be subject to additional charges.
  • The hotel and its partners reserve the right to modify prices and tour details without notice.
  • Seven days’ notice is required when booking your Experience. Payment will be required in advance.